November 3, 2008

Poor Poor Negros: A comment on ghetto-ism

So I wasn't going to write this particular blog-post, but I have to kill an hour of time at work until I start my next project. So if this sounds like I'm ranting or pissed off at ghetto-ass-shit then assume that is what I'm doing.

The setup:
So I'm at my favorite wine bar last week in Harlem enjoying my time as I usually do there, when an old friend (or should I say "Bar-friend") walks in and sits down with his crew of folks. After a few minutes I walk over and give the brotha some dap and sit down and chit-chat with him for a while.

The Let down:
So we chit-chat for a few and catch up on the summer happenings. We talk about the fun and not so fun times blah blah blah. So then the brotha pulls me aside and says:

Brotha at the Wine Bar: Dude, you know that Mintons has closed down right?

The Bougie Negro: Man, you gotta be lying It's historic. That's like a Harlem Landmark.

Brotha at the Wine Bar: No dude, I'm not joking. What happen is they lost their liquor license.

The Bougie Negro: Wait, how does BAR lose it's LIQUOR LICENSE? So what is it now just a big room that has landmark status on the national registry of land marks?

Brotha at the Wine Bar: Yeah. Basically.

The Bougie Negro: Dude, we spent at least 2 to 3 nights a week in there chilling with the jazz folks. Their only responsibility at BAR is the maintain a LIQUOR LICENSE. The reason the call it a BAR is because of the LIQUOR.

Brothat at the Wine Bar: I know man. Ain't that some shit?

The Bougie Negro: That some ghetto shit to be honest with you. I mean don't they have lawyers who do this as their full time job? Ain't that what your attorney is for?

So that was the main part of the conversation, well that's the part that pissed me off. I'm tired of some half-ass-ghetto-shit all the time. This is one of the true remaining Jazz spots in Harlem that actually has REAL JAZZ. Not that watered down smooth jazz that is easy to listen to by people who don't know Jazz. They were playing some real stuff and had real people playing it. The spot is still open, but now they have a COVER CHARGE and the have an uncorking and wine glass fee if you deciced to go there and BYOB.

If I had the cash I'd buy that place in a minute. It's a real piece of Harlem. I got the oook up about the spot from Grandma she used to go there when Harlem was ev-vouge. How much more authenctic can you get?

The Good News:
The night wasn't a total loss. I found out that SEVENTEEN-BELOW (new Club./Lounge Frederick Douglass BLVD & 116th Street) was having a soft-opening, so I snuck in there for a few minutes. It looks like its going to be a cool spot. (Think APT, Bungalo 8 & MARQUEE meets Harlem Ghetto Fabulous) I'm going to suggest you bring your BLACK-AMEX-CARD or get really friendly with the Bartenders cause they are gonna hit you in the pokect like a mutha fucka when come times to get your drink on, same as they do at the exclusive downtown spots. I did meet the owners and they both seem to be 100% focused on making the club a success. The club is definetly upscale, so you can say they thought about it before they started working on the spot. It will be two floors, and i'm told they will be getting A-list entertainers to feature on the live stage planned for the basement lounge. (They did mention ONE particular musician they have scheduled...I won't give his name, but he likes to wear purple and high heels...nuff said).

PS...I hope this lounge is a success so someone can finally put MOCA out of Business. Yeah I said it!!!


The Bougie Negro


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

dang u know folk negro comfortable up in here

GoldStandard said...

hmmm there is an event there this Thursday... thanks for the 411.