June 18, 2008

Barack Obama's Speech on Father's Day

I was going to post a music video about Barack Obama that seems to be spreading like wild fire, but I think this is speech is more important than a music video. I think it’s cool that a lot of the Hollywood elites are starting to back B. Obama, but since Father’s day just passed I feel this is more appropriate that a music video.

After you watch the speech and you still want to see the music video here is the link.


Teddy Pendergrass--Only You (Live in 1979)

This is grown folk music. If you don't understand what's going on here, then you need to step off and check yourself.

--The Bougie Negro

June 14, 2008

Secret Crush...

I have a secret crush on the girls from American Apparel.
That's all I wanted to say.

June 13, 2008

Step Up Your Pants Game...

For the guy that wants to stand out but not make a scene you may want to try a few pairs of pants from BONOBOS.COM. BONOBOS does not have a phyiscal store, but they have a robust return ploicy if you happend to mis-measure when you send in your measurements. Summer is here and it will be hard to stand out if you continue to shop at the same ole place that every other guy is shopping. With pant styles named ORANGE CRUSH, BROTHERS GRIM, TURQS or PINK PANTHERS, i'd say they are worth a shot. Prices range from about $110 for the summer styles to $300+ for wool cashmere winter selctions.

June 12, 2008

...oh i'm not really familiar with The Roots...

This is from another blog I have, but I want you all to see the type of people I have been meeting lately. This is 100% true nothing has been embellished...

So i went to opening night of the National Black Fine Art Show last night and had a great time. talked to a few gallery owners, met some folks, even saw a few friends i hadn't seen in a while. then as the show was coming to a close i meet this cute black chic. we chat a while. nothing major just regular 'who are you, and what do you do' kinda talk.

the night is young, and i'm not really ready to go home yet, so i ask her to join me for a drink at this bar across the street from the art show.

long story short...we chat..have a drink and decide to share a cab home (she lives in harlem too)

anyway...here is part of our conversation.

ME: blah blah blah...what music do you listen to?

black chic i just met: Oh, i have a wide array of music that i like. i like all kinds of music. i listen to everything. I really like The Eagles.

ME: yeah thats cool. me too. i can listen to just about anything. however, i'm not a fan ot top 40 radio.

black chic i just met: yeah, i agree, the radio is boring, nothing is really creative. i'm mostly an ipod type chic

ME: thats cool, i can dig it...by the way, The Roots are doing two shows at the Apollo next week...you trying to roll with me?

black chic i just met: oh i'm not really familir with The Roots.

ME: you do realize that this is the last time I'll probably ever speak to you.

High End Vintage...

I know alot of people cringe and the thought of second hand shopping. They think you have to be poor or destitute to enter a second hand store, but I beg to differ. NYC has alot of "HIGH END RESALE" stores (actually second hand stores, but they are so high end that they have made up a new name for it) Some stores only take-in designe name brands like Gucci, Versace, Christian Dior, etc. There is a short article in NY TIMES today that list for shops around the country that cater to the high-end-resale crowd.