June 12, 2008

...oh i'm not really familiar with The Roots...

This is from another blog I have, but I want you all to see the type of people I have been meeting lately. This is 100% true nothing has been embellished...

So i went to opening night of the National Black Fine Art Show last night and had a great time. talked to a few gallery owners, met some folks, even saw a few friends i hadn't seen in a while. then as the show was coming to a close i meet this cute black chic. we chat a while. nothing major just regular 'who are you, and what do you do' kinda talk.

the night is young, and i'm not really ready to go home yet, so i ask her to join me for a drink at this bar across the street from the art show.

long story short...we chat..have a drink and decide to share a cab home (she lives in harlem too)

anyway...here is part of our conversation.

ME: blah blah blah...what music do you listen to?

black chic i just met: Oh, i have a wide array of music that i like. i like all kinds of music. i listen to everything. I really like The Eagles.

ME: yeah thats cool. me too. i can listen to just about anything. however, i'm not a fan ot top 40 radio.

black chic i just met: yeah, i agree, the radio is boring, nothing is really creative. i'm mostly an ipod type chic

ME: thats cool, i can dig it...by the way, The Roots are doing two shows at the Apollo next week...you trying to roll with me?

black chic i just met: oh i'm not really familir with The Roots.

ME: you do realize that this is the last time I'll probably ever speak to you.

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