December 15, 2008

James Brown - Sunny

I would like to share this with the folks. This is a small piece of James Brown live in Paris-1971. The original song "Sunny" (by Bobby Hebb) is a classic in its own right. But, I have to say that Mr. Brown adds his funk to this song and totally takes it to another level. This is a great example of the pre-hip-hop remix. Long before Puffy and T. Pain or R. Kelly there was James Brown.

December 5, 2008

A Good Day to be Black & Sexy...

Written and Directed by Dennis Dortch. This movie take a realistic look at black love and sexuality and realtionships. I am glad to see this type of film and wish there would be more films like this one. It's a shame that this movie was not shown on a national scale, but I was able to catch it at film festival here in NYC earlier this week. What impressed me about this film is that I have been in or have close friends that have been in the situations in this film. So for me I got it and loved it. Click the link and join the mailing list. If this film come to your town, be sure to take a few friends with you and spread the word to this film can be shown in more venues.

This Nigga Never Learns....

So...Your boy O.J. has finally got what he asked for. They gave dude 15yrs with no opportunity for parole for five years. I'm gonna bet he does the full 15yrs.

My questions is if you already for off for a DOUBLE MURDER why in the fuck would you do any more crime? I mean really? I wouldn't even want to get a parking ticket. I'd leave the country and never come back. I guess some dudes never learn.