October 28, 2008

Saks Fifth Avenue is on Crack

So I'm at my local neighborhood laundry waiting for the wash cycle to finish so I can place my clothes in the dry....(Yes its hard to believe but even The Bougie Negro sometimes has to do his own laundry)....but anyway. I'm flipping through stack of random magazines they put out to keep you from being bored and I notice the Saks 5th Avenue Christmas gift magazine. Now, I'm no fool. I know that Saks is a high end store and I sometimes can afford to buy socks or boxers there when the are on sale. So I'm not surprised by the outrageous prices that accompany the items in the magazine. But this year a few of the item stood out to me and caused me to wonder if these fools are really smoking crack while they put the catalog together.

Some items of special note are:
The "EGO LIFESTYLE" Brown Crocodile-embossed handcrafted leather laptop with integrated handle. Noted as featuring Piano lacquer finished interior and titanium and chrome accents throughout. Asking a small change price of only $10,900.

Now, I have worked in computers for most of my professional life and I've seen and built and fixed thousands of PC/Macs etc. And never have I see any computer worth more that like three grand. Period. All computers break. That why they make them so you can go by another when it breaks. So I'm supposed to go buy another $10K laptop when this one breaks? Or leave this over night with the tech guys at the Apple store? I think not.

There were some sensible gifts like the $795 Hugo Boss tuxedo. Which I'm sure I'd look great in at the Barack Obama Inaugural Ball. (And yes I will be at the inaugural ball in January--don't hate the playa. Hate the game.)

Or even the 18K white gold/silver look "Infinity Chain" bracelet was nice. Asking only $1150. Which is a little high, but I could see someone buying her husband or fiance this as a gift.

But I draw the line at the $800 cuff links or the $31K black titanium watch with no diamonds or nothing just a black and red watch.

We already know Cartier is on crack so I'm not even going to mention the $50K watch. Which did look good, but can't justify $50K watch in this economy. And I won't mention the $49K MontBlanc watch. Montblanc?? Don't they make pens? Who said you can make watches? I think its the crack talking to them.

And speaking of crack. Why have I literally been offered to smoke crack more than a few times at random parties I've been to? I know folks are claiming to be going retro and bringing back the '80s but seriously folks. Crack? Really? And the funny thing its not Black folks who are offering me crack. Its white folks. They must have been sleeping during the '80s.

Anyway yall I'm gonna end this post and hope that all yall get out and vote. Cause another 4yrs of BitchAssNess I don't think I could stand.


The Bougie Negro.

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