October 14, 2008

It's the return of the....

Ok. So I'm back. The summer was extremely exciting in more ways than a few. This year is almost over and we have plenty worry about and also plenty to be thankful for. But we also still have plenty of time to party. And boy oh boy oh boy have I been partying. I'm going to be posting some new info on what been happening and what I've been doing. I'll also be posting what is coming up before years end. Oh yeah and you must stay tuned to my continuing quest to find the perfect Mojito. I have found a few strong contenders, but Calle Ocho is still on top of the list with their Sparkling Mojito.

Also, I met a lot of new artists this summer that I will be spotlighting in the weeks to come so stay tuned for that.


The Bougie Negro.


Living Proof said...

what"s this about a Sparkling Mojito! Do tell I had an excellent round of Mojitos in FL at TAP TAP restaurant on Miami Beach. I'll was down to here about more tasties.

The Bougie Negro said...

The sparkling mojito has to be one of the best, if not the best mojito I have had in my search for the perfect mojito. It has all of the parts of a basic mojito, but they are topped off with a healthy pour of champagne. Usually Vueuve Cliquot or som other top shelf champagne. So far the only place I have seen that serves this tasty delight is Calle Ocho On the Upper West Side of Manhattan.