May 12, 2008

Can You Say $5 Mojitos & Free Tapas

Yes my friends I kid you not. There is a place, in this beautiful city that we call home, that has the audacity to feature FIVE DOLLAR MOJITOS & FREE TAPAS every Monday night until closing. And on top of that they have the nerve to have some of the sexiest mamacitas you will ever see on the Upper West Side.

Yes my friends it is true. Come to Calle Ocho any Monday night and you will see yours truly knee deep in my favorite libation, The Sparkling Mojito. Now you might say, "Bougie Negro, What is a Sparking Mojito?" Well, I'm glad you asked. A Sparkling Mojito is a regular mojito that is topped off with a healthy touch of Vueve Clicquot champagne. The mixture may seem too much for the novice Mojito drinker, but I promise you my friends once you had the Sparkling Mojito you will never be the same again.

So next time you are looking for something to do on a Monday evening, feel free to join me and the sexy mamacitas of the UWS for a few Sparkling Mojitos and the tasty tapas at Calle Ocho.

TIM the bartender is the awesomest dude on earth.


hollavision said...

good start fam. i subscribed for the updates. oh, and post some photos!

Tranquilo said...

Good stuff homie!